Bollywood and Bhangra Dance Workshops

Bollywood and Bhangra Dance Workshops

For parties/hen-do's - The perfect pre-wedding party for all family and friends. Get everyone ready to bust some shapes on the dance floor, try something new, have fun and learn how to move to the infectious desi beats properly!

Hire For Events – Solo or Group Performace

Hire For Events – Solo or Group Performace

Jas has been popular with hen-do's, weddings, mehndi nights and corporate events all over the country - whether dancing solo or choreographing and performing something within a group. Performances are always high energy, exhilarating, innovative and guaranteed to wow the crowd with an eastern-western fusion. (Please see the gallery for pictures.)

Private one to one/group dance or first wedding dance

Private one to one/group dance or first wedding dance

Whether it be the crip-walk, break dancing, some salsa steps, bhangra or bollywood for all of those weddings you may have lined up or even a simple body roll - get in touch! If you can't make it to a class, Skype is also an additional option.

"Dance - an art form. The body - an instrument.
Learn to play the instrument and master the art form."

Debbie Dee


For Jas, dance is the ultimate form of self expression and is a celebration of life and ourselves and she aims to continue to spread this message and to share the joys of dance with others everywhere that she goes. She really believes that EVERYONE can dance (Yes, you with the so called left feet too!)

Jas’s Bollywood and Bhangra aims to educate, inspire and unite people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, promoting a healthy relationship with others, the mind, body and our souls, as well as celebrating culture and diversity.

Jas has been dancing and teaching professionally for over five years and this all started when she was first spotted by a local Bollywood and Bhangra group in Coventry.

Since then she has performed and taught across the country at various corporate events, birthdays, weddings, mehndi’s, charity performances, workshops, hen-dos, mela’s, cultural showcases, different Universities, University competitions etc, as a member of the group as well as later on as a solo artist, with her own society at The University of Hull.

Jas has just danced and acted in Bollywood films and has since been asked to do music videos. Please see the gallery for further pictures and details.

Jas has experience in Bhangra, Bollywood, Breakdance, Salsa, Street dance, Hip hop, African styles of dancing and freestyle. She loves to learn and perform all types of dance. She aims to continue to learn new styles of dance, as well as perfecting her practice, choreographing new pieces, collaborating with others, further performances and sharing her passion for dance wherever she goes. She has already been accepted for a masters in dance movement psychotherapy.

An educational, fun, structured and professional dance class will always be provided based on exactly what you would like to learn, complete with a warm up and cool down and a little display at the end to go over what you have learnt! Experienced in teaching all ages and abilities for a variety of events in different settings – each person is looked after and is taught at a level which is suited to them.



Jas’s recent achievement was that she was casted as an extra and one of the main dancers in ‘Shaandaar’ the Bollywood movie starring Alia Bhatt and Shahid Kapoor directed by Vikas Bahl.

Jas freestyled, improvised, performed Bhangra and Bollywood dance – choreographed by World famous Bosco Martis (Bosco Caesar co.) Bollywood choreographer.

Jas is excited to get involved with new projects in the immediate future.

Jas was chosen to be the female lead in a new bhangra music video alongside singer Prince. Jas had to sing, act , dance and model.

Jas Performed at The National Talent competition “Mehfil” 2015 in Leeds for the second year running. Last year she was part of the winning Bhangra team – this year she prepared a Bhangra and Bollywood Fusion (solo) performance in two days. She recieved amazing feedback from the audience and Judges alike.

From one judge: Sanchez Singh Rayat – the managing director of Leed’s based Trischool dance academy: “I thought your energy was on point! I’m a Bhangra dancer myself so in all honesty, your technique and execution was really good.To pull your performance off after a few days was really good despite the set back. I do have to say that I preferred your Bhangra to the Bollywood segment as Bhangra looked like it is more your forte.”

Feedback from the second judge: Ria Meera Munshi – model, actress, Miss India (Aston) and owner of Ri Ri’s dance academy in Manchester: ” You’re a little Bhangra Queen!! As Sanchez said your energy levels were great, continue dancing with your confidence and your lovely smile!.”

The third Judge: Yajur Shah – president of National Hindu Student’s Forum (UK) said: “You were amazing. ”


Housefull 3 film shoot 2015


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